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Photo Credit :Sherry Rubel

We partnered with a company called "Kult Kids" which is clothing company for infants to 9 years old. We purchased 6 outfits (at a discounted rate) and received socks and sunglasses free of cost. Here is an honest review from the Sprouts:


" I really sweat suit. Its really nice and I like the color. I want another one in a different color"


"I like the top. The pants were short because I am tall, but I liked them because they show my socks.


"I love my whole outfit. I can do flips and it's a nice color. My pants are loose, but they don't fall down"


" I love my sunglasses. I couldn't walk around with my shoes off because my socks are white. I really like my sunglasses though. They're so cute".

KYLA (Jamai's little sister)

"I like it"

SOPHIA (Isabella and Alicianna's little sister)

"I like my sunglasses"

Overall we give this brand a great rating! The sweatsuits were soft and durable. They had big pockets and were a very nice color. Everyone loved the sunglasses and the socks were a great accessory for the outfit, especially since the taler kids had their ankles showing.

What brand should we try next?

Pictures by Sherry Rubel

Pictures by Sprout U Kids

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