Dance Performances

Here are a few performances we danced in on various stages around the country. 


Apollo (15:00 to 18:30)

We were unable to record the first round, however, we made it to the next round! We lost by 2 points, but it was a fantastic experience. 


K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 

We entered into a Kpop Cover Dance contest and we made it to the second round. So we traveled to L.A. and performed on stage. 


Korus Festival

The Korean Cultural Center of LA recommended us the Korus Festival; a festival to celebrate Korean culture. We performed for 45 minutes straight 💪 


True Servant Church Performance 

We created a dance (with the help of Mr. Nate) for Black History Month, implementing African moves. 


We performed out Broadway and Lion King Medleys for Art All Day; a non profit organization that brings art to our city.  

Art All Night


We were chosen for National School Choice and performed at City Hall, The Liberty Science Center, and at The College of New Jersey

National School Choice Week